Holiday Diary – Part 7

Like all good things, my holiday diary must come to an end. It’s been fun writing everything we did down, showing you photos and hopefully convincing some of you to visit the Black Forest.

Friday 12th October

Today was the last day we would have in our little apartment and we were both feeling a little bit sad. We packed our bags, ready for an early start the following day and took it easy for the rest of the afternoon and evening. We really didn’t do much apart from go to the supermarket for the last time and buy souvenir sausages and chocolate for friends back home. We set our alarm clocks for 5:45 and went to bed early…

Saturday 13th October

Well, we managed to get up on time and get ready for the long journey back home. I didn’t sleep all that well and was feeling really tired. I had a restless night and kept waking up, worried that the alarm clock had sounded and I had slept through it. We packed our remaining things, said goodbye to our holiday home and left Todtmoos at 7:30. We decided to split the driving between us and swapped every two hours. We made really good progress and arrived at Calais in record time! We got there at 15:45 and were allowed to board the 16:05 ferry – result! We left Calais at 16:45.

It was quite funny crossing the channel to see how different the weather was on either side. When we were half way across, we looked back at France to see beautiful sunshine, with people playing on the beach. We then looked left to our homeland and saw dreary, stormy grey clouds welcoming us home.

Au revoir, Calais!

Hello, Dover!

We touched British soil (or tarmac rather) at about 17:30 and were confronted with drizzle and puddles. Michael drove the remaining journey home and we stopped off to get a pizza from Sainsbury’s for dinner. We got back to Diss at about 21:15, ate our pizzas, watched half an episode of Dad’s Army and then collapsed into bed.

Our holiday was over.


One response to “Holiday Diary – Part 7

  1. What a fabulous time you must have had!

    I always do the ‘alarm clock’ thing when I’m supposed to be getting up early to catch a plane! It’s so annoying. I have really vivid dreams that I miss the plane and usually wake up about every hour to check the time ;(

    So glad you’re home safe and sound now 🙂

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