Holiday Diary – Part 6

Wednesday 10th October

Today we woke up quite late and found we had no hot water so we had to make do with washing from the bathroom sink with hot water from the kettle! Then I called the housekeeper to explain the problem. It turns out that the boiler had broken and we had nothing to worry about. Phew.

We went out at 13:00 to Germany’s highest natural waterfall in Todtnau, which is about 20 minutes from Todtmoos. It was brilliant. The waterfall was in two parts and we climbed to the top so we could see them both. The highest waterfall was very violent and if we tried to cross the bridge across to the other side of it, we got drenched. So naturally I chanced it to see how drenched I’d get… I stopped half way across the bridge and took photos before running back.

Facing away from the violence!

Facing the violence! (I got quite wet!)

The lower waterfall was the most spectacular one and from the bottom it was very loud and pretty awesome to watch. So much water fell from the top, gushing around the rocks and making a racket as it clashed down into the pool at the bottom. The water then flowed down the mountain into the valley below. The views from the top of the lowest waterfall were lovely, even though today was quite a cloudy day. You could see for miles across the valley to the mountain on the other side.

Michael in front of the waterfall

Wonderful views

After we had finished at the waterfall, we decided to go to Titisee Neustadt to look at the lake. We had driven past it several times on our way to various places and had seen how pretty the lake was so thought we ought to go and visit it in person. When we got there and had parked up, we wandered through the quaint little town, down to the lakeshore.

Lake Titisee

Lake Titisee

We decided against taking out a pedalo because the clouds were creeping down the mountains on either side and the weather looked as though it was going to turn quite miserable. We weren’t wrong! It started to rain, so we took our photos, grabbed some lunch from a local bakery and went back to the car. We sat and ate our lunch and at about 16:00, we tootled off to Triberg to see the world’s biggest cuckoo clock.

We got to the world’s biggest cuckoo clock at 16:45 and waited for the cuckoo to make his star appearance. We were a bit disappointed because it was a bit naff. The cuckoo didn’t even come out of the house. The doors opened and the cuckoo poked out his head and cawwed 5 times to welcome the hour. Then the doors shut and that was it.

The world’s biggest cuckoo clock!

The clock itself

Afterwards, we made our way back through Triberg and went to see the highest waterfall in Germany which is also another of Triberg’s attractions.Unfortunately though, by the time we got there, a cloud had descended onto the mountain and had made everything so foggy we decided against leaving the car. We could barely see the trees in front of us so didn’t think we would see the waterfall even if we tried. Instead, we made our way back home and got back to the apartment at 19:00.

Thursday 11th October

We had a really lazy start to the day because it was raining heavily when we woke up and we didn’t feel like going out, only to get wet through. So we hung back in the apartment until 13:45 when the rain stopped and then went out for a walk. We weren’t intending on walking for miles because neither of us felt very motivated. But the further we walked, the more energy we found we had and in the end we did a 15km walk!

Overlooking lovely Todtmoos, before diving into the forest…

We took a different route out of Todtmoos to explore the countryside north west of the town. We ended up spending most of the time walking along logging routes, which weaved through the forests. We walked for about 8km before stopping to have lunch in the middle of the forest. We were miles from the nearest road and everything around us was quiet.

About half way through the walk we came across this curious water feature with instructions next to it.

Das Kneipparmbad. If you see one, don’t follow the instructions. Walk straight past it and don’t look back…

Das Kneipparmbad

Naturally I had a go at following the instructions, though to be honest I wished I hadn’t. I spent the next hour with my jumper on trying to warm my arms back up! I found out when we got home and had access to the internet again that the Kneipparmbad was one of the many ideas formed by Sebastien Kneipp. He was a Bavarian priest who developed the naturopathic medicine movement and was also responsible for the ‘Kneipp Cure’ – a form of hydrotherapy. All I know is that he is the reason my arms were freezing for the next hour. Him, my curiosity and stupidity made me keep my hands in my pockets for ages.

The sun came out in the afternoon and if we were walking in the right direction, the sun would cut through the trees and light up the forest. When the path turned, the sun was shut out and the forest turned dark and damp again. Our route took us from the north west of the town to the south west and we arrived back into Todtmoos on the road directly behind our apartment building.
We got back to our apartment at about 18:45 and flopped on to the sofa in much need for a well deserved rest!


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