Holiday Diary – Part 3

Wednesday 3rd October

When we woke up it was raining heavily. So we postponed the walk we had intended to do and instead decided to go to the the Mercedes-Benz museum in Stuttgart.
It took us nearly three hours to get to Stuttgart and because of poor signposting, another half an hour to get to the museum! Because today was German Unity Day (Tag der Deutschen Einheit) we had a horrible thought – perhaps the museum would be closed. In fact, when we had parked up and got to the ‘Visitor Registration’ office, we found it was locked… We decided to chance a look-in at the massive Mercedes-Benz building and found to our relief that we hadn’t travelled nearly 200km for nothing and that the museum was in fact open! Hurrah! It was a bargain to get in as well. It cost us €8 each and we were there for three hours looking around all of the exhibits. We both had an audio guide that kept starting up automatically whenever we walked past trigger points in the museum.

Michael with the earliest motorcars!

The beginning of the museum started at the very top of the building and each lower floor was a different era of the Daimler-Benz manufacture. We saw everything from the first engines to the latest Maclaren-Mercedes F1 car. We saw Princess Diana’s car, Queen Elizabeth’s car, the Pope-mobile as used by Pope John Paul II and beautiful cars from the 60s that were, at the time, cutting edge. Michael even sat in a rubbish truck.

Mercedes Simplex 40 PS from 1902

Me standing next to Princess Diana’s Mercedes

Michael posing with Louis Hamilton’s F1 car

At 18:00 the museum closed and we had to leave. We handed back our audio guides and could keep the neck strap that we were given at the start, which we were more than chuffed about…! It took us 3 hours to get home again. We had jacket potatoes with baked beans and an egg on top for dinner and it was yummy!

Thursday 4th October

Woke up this morning and it was raining again. After yesterday’s 6 hour round trip to Stuttgart, neither of us feel very much inclined to get back in the car. So we read our books and cuddled up on the sofa eating chocolate waiting for the rain to stop before attempting a walk. In the end, the rain was incessant so we walked to the shops and got thoroughly soaked but enjoyed it nonetheless.


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