Holiday Diary – Part 2

Sunday 30th September

Today we planned to not do very much at all. We got up late and had breakfast about 11:00 before having a shower and going out for a walk around Todtmoos. We visited the church and then walked into the middle of the town.

Church in Todtmoos

The beautiful ceiling of the church

We went into a shop that sold lots of different things all made of wool – like slippers, bags and hats. Then we found a small shop that sold pretty much everything. We bought some Haribo (of course), some Ritter Sport chocolate and some apple juice. Then we went home. We read for most of the afternoon, had a late lunch and then read some more. We fell asleep and napped for three hours. A really relaxing day.

Monday 1st October

Today we got up at about 10:00, showered, had breakfast and got ready to go out for a walk. We packed some lunch and a drink and left the apartment about 12:00. We followed a route through Todtmoos, Hinter Todtmoos and up to a small village called Rütte. Our intention was to go to the end of Rütte and then go back to Todtmoos by going around the mountain, making a full circle. But Rütte was a bit confusing and we ended up walking back the way we came! All in all we did an 8km walk. On the walk, there is a waterfall which was really beautiful. All of the surrounding area was so green and the air was really clean. There is lots of lichen growing on the trees and the stone walls everywhere. The waterfall fell three times and it runs all the way back to Todtmoos. It runs past our apartment!

The lowest part of the waterfall

On the way back, we sat by the waterfall and ate our sandwiches. When we got back to the apartment we sat and read our books for a while, giving our legs and feet a well-deserved rest.

Tuesday 2nd October

Today we went to Freiburg to see the Minster there. We went by car, parked up and walked into the town. The Minster was beautiful. It has gargoyles at the top which go all around the building. Inside, there are lots of really impressive stained glass windows which you can’t see from the outside. It was obvious that they are kept really clean though because the sun came through them and all of the colours were really vibrant.

Three brightly shining stained glass windows

At the back of the Minster was a board which explained how the poet Reinhold Schneider during the Second World War prayed for the building to be protected from bombing in a poem. Later on, the town of Freiburg was completely levelled by Allied bombing but the Minster remained completely intact. Many people found this to be a sign of hope.For those of you who can read German, here is the information board. It is quite moving to read. Click the picture to enlarge it!

How Freiburg Minster survived the war…?

We could walk right down to the back of the building and look at the altar and the choral seating which was quite cool. There was lots of gold and the stone was really clean and well looked after. Many people were in the Minster to pray and they were lighting candles which made the building a little hazy, but the candles looked really pretty.

Lighting candles before praying

The main altar at the front of the Minster

After we had seen everything we went for some lunch in a pizza restaurant. The food was delicious and we sat outside in the sun. After lunch we went for a wander, before making our way back to the car and going home.


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