Holiday Diary – Part 1

Well, you know, because I told you, that we were going on holiday to the Black Forest in Germany. Well, now we are back! We had an amazing time and kept a holiday diary for the fortnight we were there so I thought I’d share it with you all!

Friday 28th September

We got up at about 6:45 and got ourselves ready before packing the final things needed for our holiday! We loaded the car, fed the fish and left the house for 9:00. I drove to Dover and we got there at about 11:30. We had a bit of a wait until we could get on the ferry, so we had some lunch in the car and listened to the radio, soaking up the BBC for as long as we possibly could before being cut off for a whole two weeks!
We left Dover at about 13:35. Once on the P&O ferry, we sat by the window and waited for the boat to start moving. Soon we were speeding across the English Channel! We went for a walk around our deck and visited the shop on board. I thought purchases were supposed to be dead cheap on a ferry? Needless to say, I didn’t buy anything… Then we found window seats at the front of the boat and had a hot chocolate each from Costa Coffee. We met an Australian man who was born in Lancashire of all places. He told me how he was going on a European road trip before returning to England and going on a UK road trip afterwards. I told him that he could not do a UK road trip without visiting Norfolk. He reassured me that he would certainly be visiting the flattest county in England!
We got to France at about 16:00 French time. Michael drove us to the hotel in Laon and we arrived there at about 18:30.

We went out for a walk and found a really nice restaurant that specialised in pizzas. They had a stone-baking oven so the pizzas were really crispy and delicious. The restaurant was really cosy and seemed like a place that the locals all go to often. Afterwards we walked back to the hotel, taking a different route to the way we came. The pavements weren’t level at all and Michael slipped. He fell and I fell on top of him. A car screeched to a halt and my shoe came off! I ended up the worse for wear with a badly scraped wrist – just my luck!
We got back to the hotel at about 21:00 and I had a shower before collapsing into bed and sleeping all the way through until 8:10.

Saturday 29th September

When we both were up and dressed we went down to get breakfast. There was lots to choose from – croissants, pains au chocolat, baguettes, ham, cheese, yoghurts, fruit, tea, coffee, fresh fruit juice…
After breakfast we packed up our belongings and hit the road… I drove and Michael navigated. We drove straight to Todtmoos. I drove for seven and a half hours until we got to Schönau and then Michael took over and drove the remaining half an hour to Todtmoos. We were both tired when we got to the apartment. I called Frau Fuchshofen and we waited for her to arrive with the key. When we were all settled, we went for a walk to the supermarket and bought bits and bobs for dinner and for Sunday. On the way home, we had to give directions to the supermarket – I was surprised how easy I found speaking German, considering I haven’t done so for a long time.
We had a Thai Green Curry for dinner and watched a couple of episodes of Gavin and Stacey (so we weren’t quite without the BBC in the end…!). We collapsed into bed at about 22:00. All our alarm clocks were switched off and we slept all the way through until 10:00 the next morning!


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