Bear-hugging a politician…and confirming stereotypes

I saw this story today and it made me laugh. President Obama has been on the campaign trail in Florida and met a pizzeria owner along the way.

The pizzeria owner was quite excited to meet the President and gave him a bear hug, lifting him clean off his feet, before selling him 20 pizzas.

Photo courtesy of The Atlantic Wire

Are all Americans as friendly as this? Don’t take that the wrong way – I haven’t met anybody born and bred in the USA! Every nationality has stereotypes, but obviously not all of them are true – some are and I find that quite funny! For me, Americans are super friendly, always smiling and quite carefree. If I apply this stereotype to the news story, I’d say that it is pretty accurate.

I can’t remember David Cameron being swept up into an almighty hug on his campaign trail. Our British upper lips are much too stiff to do that!

When I was in Germany a couple of years ago for a Youth Conference, we talked about stereotypes and I was quite surprised at one particular British stereotype. Aside from the tea drinking at 11 o’clock and talking about the Queen’s hats and the weather, we are supposedly partial to a plate of beans on toast.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly a beans on toast fan but I didn’t realise that made me particularly British!

Are there any stereotypes you have found to be true? What stereotypes do you associate with different nationalities? Are you a stereotypical national?


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