Holiday Preparation (continued)

Well, yesterday evening we had the biggest ‘post day’ of all time! Along with the surprising amount of junk mail through our letter box, we also received our map and all of our walking clothes!

The clothing will definitely make us look like serious walkers, even if we are leaning against huge boulders and ruing the day we decided this holiday would be focussed on cavorting about on German mountains. My microfleece cardigan is very bright pink – perfect for attracting attention if we are ever in any danger. Though perhaps, on second thought, not so good if the danger is attracted by it… Are there mountain bears in the Schwarzwald? Do they like the colour pink?

The map we have bought is pretty good. It is double-sided and show the Black Forest for the region that we are going to be staying in. It shows the roads, the tourist attractions, the mountain heights and the contours of the landscape. The best bit? It comes in its own little wallet with a guide to local area, auf Deutsch! Look…

As you can probably tell, I am extremely excited about going on holiday.


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