Holiday Preparation!

I’m so excited about our Summer holiday (that will actually be in Autumn) that I thought I’d blog about it! Michael and I are off to the Schwarzwald or Black Forest in Germany! We’re going to be staying in a little mountain village called Todtmoos and we have have decided to convert the holiday into a walking adventure!

Today we went into Norwich and bought the most important purchases so far (excluding accomodation)… Our walking boots! Hurrah! They are rather nifty and I am particularly taken with the purple laces on my boots! And to top off the look – I have purple walking socks too. I’m going to look awesome, stomping about on German mountains.

We’ve got microfleeces and trousers on order too, so we’ll both look the part and we’ve bought a map of walks around Todtmoos and the surrounding area.

Of course, we aren’t going to be walking all the time – I don’t think we could handle it! The Black Forest is also famous for its natural spas and we are totally going to take advantage of them. The Schwarzwald is also well-known for the many beautiful castles that are dotted around, making the landscape even more amazing. We loved the Loire Valley in France – we can’t go wrong by visiting its German counterpart!

We’re set for a super holiday! Hurry up October!!

If anyone has ever been to the Black Forest and fancies sharing some wisdom with us, feel free. I think we’re going to need all the help we can get!


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