Jubilee Weekend – 02.06.2012

Well, it’s the weekend I have been excited about for ages! Finally, it’s arrived!
Ages ago, the local newspaper came through our door and after scouring the pages, I found the bit about the Jubilee celebrations in Diss.
“Excellent,” I thought. “Our tiny town in the middle of rural South Norfolk will be doing something to celebrate 60 years of Queen Lizzie!”
At New Year, Michael and I were more than disappointed. Not a single firework, quiz night or drunken scuffle in the town centre… Nothing much happens here…

So, on Saturday we got up and I was really looking forward to going into the town centre and browsing the stalls, watching the live music, eating hotdogs and icecream and generally having a marvellous time.
Once again, I was bitterly disappointed. We didn’t get into town early – we arrived about 12:30. The chippie man was in his usual place and the town centre had a grand total of two stalls, both of which grace the ‘plaza’ outside the post office every weekend. Nothing special. Then we realised that the party must be going on around the Meer. So we hop-footed it down to the grassy banks of the oversized pond.

I was still disappointed. Apart from a handful of stalls, there was nothing much to see. The band hadn’t even been set up and instead ELO was blasting from the speakers. I mean, I like ELO but at 12:45 on a Saturday afternoon, I would have expected more of a party to be going on!

There was a lovely little cake stall, selling the most gorgeous hand-made and hand-decorated cupcakes. We bought two and immediately ate them – I ought to have taken a photo of them before gobbling them down because they were simply beautiful. But, I can assure you, they tasted as delicious as they looked!

So after a round trip of the town, we decided to call it a day.
I wish our town council would try and organise something amazing one day. I just get the impression that nobody can be bothered. Even the bunting was a let-down. Two strands crossed the high street. Pitiful.


4 responses to “Jubilee Weekend – 02.06.2012

  1. You should have come here to SPAIN,plenty of street party’s on here.We went to see a Queen tribute band last night and now watching BBC coverage,then a nice little dip in the pool-’cause it’s soooooo hot!! love Sue xx

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