Little Totham Car Show

Last Saturday 26th May 2012, we went to the Little Totham Car Show where Michael showed off his new coral blue, turbo-charged VX220. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an excited 26 year old! We met up with Kieran from Norwich in his bright yellow VX and we made our way down to Essex together.

We arrived at about 10:45 and at 11:00 the other VXs all rolled up. The East Anglian section of the VX220 forum had all planned to arrive at the car show, not only to exhibit the VX220 in all its glory but also to  meet each other. The sound of the enormous, powerful engines was certainly a noise I will not forget! The residents of Little Totham, a small, quaint little village, must have thought the end of the world was nigh… It was quite funny seeing the same car, in different colours, filing onto the field and lining up next to each other. For the first half an hour, everyone was introducing themselves with their forum username and then their first name – which I, not being a member of the forum, nor knowing much about the car in question, found most amusing.

The weather was gorgeous, I ended up getting my fair share of sun burn. Ironically only on my arms though – I got my legs out to welcome the sun and it didn’t even tinge them pink. There were lots of truly lovely cars, dating from the 1930s through to the present day.

I sat inside a 1950s Ford Anglia – it has only had one owner from new and has been very well looked after. The inside was lovely and all the furnishings were original! The star of the show was a Jaguar E-Type – so very plush, bright red with chrome trimmings and the interior was simply gorgeous.

At about 3pm, we decided to make a move – and I don’t just mean Michael and I… All the remaining VX owners decided to leave with us. What a picture we must have looked!


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